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Ciputra Hanoi apartments for rent, the latest apartments and penthouses available

Thảo luận trong 'Nơi Mua Bán Linh Tinh Khác' bắt đầu bởi th0036, 9/1/18.

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    Apartments in Ciputra Hanoi is a ideal location for foreigner and Vietnames residents to live. This luxury urban is not only attractive for vietnamese citizens but also many foreigners who come to live during they work in Hanoi and neighborhood provices. Beside Ciputra apartments Hanoi, many apartments for rent in Hanoi available at MyHanoiHome for your refference - Tay Ho apartment for rent

    It located in Northwest of Hanoi, near Tay Ho Westlake about 5 minutes by car, easy way reach to Noi Bai airport within 20 minutes by driving car via Nhat Tan bridge, 15 mins of driving to downtown. Ciputra Hanoi is built with total of 301 hectares of land size and included 9 apartment towers with the best infrastructures, services, green trees and amenities to support all residents living here. The international school systems are available such as UNIS (United Nation International School), SIS (Singapore International School), Hanoi Academy School or Interntional Kindergarten.

    Apartments for rent in Ciputra Hanoi with towers: G01-G02, E4-E5, E1, P1-P2, L1-L2

    All towers have swimming pool, gym, restaurant, mini marts, car parkings, banks, ATMs, play ground provided on the foot of the buildings. Beside there are also 06 tennis courts, golf course or volleyball courses.

    There are luxury towers L3 - L4 - L5 which being under construction and esimately complete in the end of 2017 for your one further good option.

    Myhanoihome is here to help expatriates find a perfect home in this complex shortly based on our wide databases with the lists of apartments and penthouses to rent which we updated regularly.
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